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Facial treatments

Ki Natural SPA proposes Natural Spa facial treatments - focus on the application of peelings, serums and facial masks of superior quality, enriched with accurately selected ingredients - and Eternal Gold Antiage facial treatments - designed for the complete and professional care of mature skins, it naturally inhibits the aging process, reinforcing the tissues and performing an intensive and surprising anti-wrinkle action.
Lychee and Goat's Milk Smoothing Face Treatment
This rich scrub contains sugar, almond oil and soybean oil, to strengthen dehydrated, devitalized skin. The beeswax, together with the sugar crystals, is easily absorbed by the skin, smoothing its surface. The serum contains canola oil, to relieve skin irritation; it also has a strong antioxidant action and prevents skin aging, leaving your face luminous and hydrated.
25 minutes - 34 euro
Cranberry Multivitamin Face Treatment
Delicate scrub with sugar crystals and minuscule cranberry (Oxycoccus quadripetala) particles, to cleanse and refresh your skin. This serum is rich with vitamin C, to revitalize and reinforce the capillaries, while the vegetable oils in the formula smoothen the epidermis, leaving it firm, fresh and smooth as silk.
25 minutes - 34 euro
Cranberry Moisturizing Face Treatment
Dedicated to sensitive, dry skin, this treatment helps deeply tone and moisturize the skin. Its high content of cranberry (Oxycoccus quadripetala) polyphenols is rich with minerals and vitamins, and has anti-free-radical properties. Its subtle fresh fruit fragrance lasts long on the skin, giving you a feeling of pleasant well-being.
50 minutes - 58 euro
Olive Oil Regenerating Face Treatment
Dedicated to mature skin with loss of tone. Thanks to its vitamin E contents, this treatment stimulates cell renewal and attenuates aging symptoms. The fatty acids in the mask increase skin elasticity. Your skin will look naturally regenerated, luminous and elastic.
50 minutes - 58 euro
Papaya Illuminating Face Treatment
For dull, tired skin. The formula of this mask contains naturally exfoliant and regenerating ingredients, enriched with papaya extract and with arginine and proline, two amino acids known for their cell renewal stimulating properties. Your skin will look naturally luminous, fresh and firm.
50 minutes - 58 euro
Cranberry Decongesting Face Treatment
For reddened, couperose skin. This treatment has astringent, moisturizing, decongesting and anti-inflammatory actions. The cranberry extract helps strengthen capillaries and reactivate microcirculation. The mask moisturizes, tones and protects the skin, providing relief to irritation. After the treatment your skin will look calm, hydrated and velvety.
50 minutes - 58 euro
Tea Tree Oil Purifying Face Treatment
For impure skins, this treatment has antiseptic, anti-bacterial and astringent properties. Thanks to the bactericide properties of the Tea Tree Oil, it deeply purifies and disinfects the pores. The skin will look naturally free of inflammation, normalized, clean and moisturized.
50 minutes - 58 euro
Rice Meal Anti-Wrinkle and Anti-Swelling Eye Treatment
A special treatment for the area around the eyes, including the application of a specific silky, delicate mask containing high-quality alginate, enriched with vegetable components. The rice meal protects and nourishes the skin, leaving it extremely soft. Sea collagen has anti-wrinkle actions and creates a tensioning effect. The mask will leave your skin feeling fresh and clear; any swelling around the eyes will disappear, and your eyes will become more luminous.
45 minutes - 45 euro
EternalGold Ultramoisturizing Treatment
Thanks to its clary sage extract (Xeradin) and its mix of fruit extracts (polyplant fruit), this treatment calms the skin and ensures comfortable, deep and long-lasting hydration. The colloidal gold and Stoechiol (Spanish lavender oil) complex slows down wrinkle formation and visibly reduces the wrinkles that are already there, ensuring that your skin is properly toned. Your skin will look naturally luminous and radiant.
60 minutes - 82 euro
EternalGold Anti-Age Intensive Treatment
Thanks to its colloidal gold contents and to its rich formulation, this treatment ensures skin regeneration, deep hydration and an immediate bio-lifting effect. It strengthens the skin and makes it more elastic; it restores the hydro-lipid barrier, reducing the transepidermal water loss (TEWL). The combination of Spanish lavender oil (Stoechiol), colloidal gold and clary sage extract (Xeradin) smoothens face mimic contractions, stimulates cell renewal and fights the aging process.
60 minutes - 82 euro
EternalGold Eyes and Lips Anti-Age Treatment
This treatment, indicated for mature, dehydrated skin that tends to form wrinkles around the eyes and lips, stimulates the biosynthesis of collagen, regenerates, produces an immediate lifting effect in the area around the eyes and reduces the depth of these localized wrinkles, and reduces wrinkles in general. It contains accurately selected natural active ingredients, such as the Spanish lavender oil (Stoechiol, with a lifting effect), clary sage extract (Xeradin, highly moisturizing), colloidal gold (toning properties) and soybean oil (to provide elasticity). The micro particles of colloidal gold delicately illuminate the skin, generating an optic camouflage effect on the imperfections of the area around the eyes.
45 minutes - 62 euro
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