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Short Spa treatments

Ki Natural SPA proposes concentrated treatments for short moments of complete relaxation
Lychee and Goat's Milk Smoothing Face Treatment
This rich scrub contains sugar, almond oil and soybean oil, to strengthen dehydrated, devitalized skin. The beeswax, together with the sugar crystals, is easily absorbed by the skin, smoothing its surface. The serum contains canola oil, to relieve skin irritation; it also has a strong antioxidant action and prevents skin aging, leaving your face luminous and hydrated.
25 minutes - 34 euro
Cranberry Multivitamin Face Treatment
Delicate scrub with sugar crystals and minuscule cranberry (Oxycoccus quadripetala) particles, to cleanse and refresh your skin. This serum is rich with vitamin C, to revitalize and reinforce the capillaries, while the vegetable oils in the formula smoothen the epidermis, leaving it firm, fresh and smooth as silk.
25 minutes - 34 euro
Velvet Skin Treatment
Pleasantly perfumed, this treatment uses a sea salt scrub with shae butter to cleanse and intensely nourish the skin. A soft massage with involving, relaxing massages completes the hydration process and the full relaxation of your body.
30 minutes - 36 euro
Coffee treatment: anti-cellulite and draining
Thanks to the caffeine contained in these products, the treatment stimulates microcirculation, accelerates cell metabolism and favors the natural elimination of toxins. Some of the products used in the treatment are enriched with ebony extract, with astringent, anti-cellulite properties. At the end of the energizing coffee treatment your skin will look younger, smooth and luminous.
Legs and gluteus 30 minutes - 36 euro
Relaxing and antioxidant Chocolate Treatment
The main ingredient of this treatment is cocoa butter, rich in iron, magnesium, zinc, calcium and phosphorous. Thanks to their draining effect, chocolate products favor the elimination of fluids trapped in the intracellular space. Chocolate has moisturizing, nourishing and smoothing properties, and, thanks to is theobromine and caffeine contents, it is also a powerful antioxidant, helping in the fight again skin aging. The sweet, intense fragrance of this treatment also stimulates the production of serotonin, the well-being hormone, and of endorphins, the "happiness" hormones.
Back treatment 30 minutes - 36 euro
Green Tea and White Tea Treatment: draining and detoxifying
Green tea has draining properties, helps slow down the accumulation of fatty acids in adipose cells and helps natural fat burning processes. White tea is revitalizing, regenerating and energizing, helps reawaken microcirculation and protect from UV rays and environmental pollution and urban stress.
Legs and gluteus 30 minutes - 36 euro
Milk Natural Relax Massage
The delicateness of milk and the smoothness of its maneuvers define the Milk Natural Relax Massage as THE well-being massage.
Back massage 30 minutes - 34 euro
Orange Draining Massage
The draining, anti-swelling properties of oranges are combined with specific deep and anti-cellulite maneuvers to make this massage perfect for those who seek a feeling of lightness and tranquillity.
Legs and gluteus 30 minutes - 34 euro
Linen and Grapefruit Regenerating Massage
Energizing, highly rhythmic and warming maneuvers. Indicated for those who feel low in energy and who wish for a harmonic, efficient revitalization.
Back massage 30 minutes - 34 euro / Legs 30 minutes - 34 euro
Natural Candle Massage
All the well-being of a massage, in a candle. A warm feeling of well-being accompanied by extremely relaxing maneuvers.
Back massage 30 minutes - 34 euro
Mukabhyangam - Ayurvedic massage on face and neck
Delicate massage on the face and neck. Thanks to its smooth movements and delicate pressure, this is one of the most relaxing and calming Ayurvedic massages.
30 minutes - 34 euro
Traditional Thai Massage
This ancient traditional massage uses the pressure points of Chinese medicine together with an assisted stretching inspired on Indian yoga techniques. It helps increase body flexibility and produces a feeling of intense vitality. It's advisable to wear comfortable clothes for this massage.
30 minutes - 34 euro (feet and legs or back)
Plantar Reflexology
Localized massage on the plant of your feet, using pressure on certain mapped points to help naturally re-harmonize the entire body. This massage can be performed on fully (and comfortably) dressed guests.
30 minutes - 34 euro
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