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Ki Natural SPA offers different types of massages:
Natural Spa Massages - Ayurvedic Massages - Holistic Massages

Massaggi di Coppia This symbol indicates the massages that can also be made in couple
Massaggi di CoppiaMilk Natural Relax Massage
The delicateness of milk and the smoothness of its maneuvers define the Milk Natural Relax Massage as THE well-being massage.
60 minutes - 68 euro / Back massage 30 minutes - 34 euro
Massaggi di CoppiaOrange Draining Massage
The draining, anti-swelling properties of oranges are combined with specific deep and anti-cellulite maneuvers to make this massage perfect for those who seek a feeling of lightness and tranquillity.
60 minutes - 68 euro / Legs and gluteus 30 minutes - 34 euro
Massaggi di CoppiaLinen and Grapefruit Regenerating Massage
Energizing, highly rhythmic and warming maneuvers. Indicated for those who feel low in energy and who wish for a harmonic, efficient revitalization.
Back massage 30 minutes - 34 euro / Legs 30 minutes - 34 euro
Massaggi di CoppiaBamboo Toning Massage
This massage will put you in a good mood and accurately tone the muscle groups that are most commonly under tension. Mostly advised for male guests, this massage can be surprisingly pleasant for female guests as well.
60 minutes - 68 euro
Massaggi di CoppiaNatural Candle Massage
All the well-being of a massage, in a candle. A warm feeling of well-being accompanied by extremely relaxing maneuvers.
60 minutes - 68 euro / Back massage 30 minutes - 34 euro
Massaggi di CoppiaAbhyangam - Full-body Ayurvedic massage
Traditional Ayurvedic massage performed on the entire body, using warm sesame oil. Helps detoxify and strengthen the body, release tension and restore mind-body balance.
60 minutes - 68 euro / 80 minutes - 108 euro
Massaggi di CoppiaThandabhyangam - Ayurvedic back and cervical massage
This back massage is particularly intense on the lumbar, dorsal and cervical areas. Highly relaxing and de-contracting, it works on the muscular level, releasing tension that is the main cause of muscle rigidity on the back and neck.
60 minutes - 68 euro
Massaggi di CoppiaPadabhyangam - Ayurvedic massage on feet and legs
For those who retain fluids and suffer from cellulite. This massage works on the circulatory system and on the muscles of the legs, to help relax and give a feeling of lightness to the legs and feet.
60 minutes - 68 euro
Massaggi di CoppiaShiroabhyangam - Ayurvedic massage on head, neck and shoulders
Helps relax the mind and reinforce the nervous system. This treatment works directly on the head and helps re-establish the proper balance between mind, body and soul. The massage is performed with the guest seated and lying down, with warm oil.
60 minutes - 68 euro
Massaggi di CoppiaMukabhyangam - Ayurvedic massage on face and neck
Delicate massage on the face and neck. Thanks to its smooth movements and delicate pressure, this is one of the most relaxing and calming Ayurvedic massages.
30 minutes - 34 euro
Ayurvedic Hot Stone Massage

60 minutes - 68 euro
Traditional Ayurvedic massage performed with herb sachets selected according to their properties and immersed in warm sesame oil. Thanks to its rhythmic and deep maneuvers, this massage gives tone and energy to your body and mind.
60 minutes - 78 euro
Lomilomi Hawaiian Massage
This traditional Hawaiian massage is characterized by the intense use of the forearm to deeply loosen back and leg muscles and by a fast, long rhythm – just like the waves of the sea.
60 minutes - 68 euro
Traditional Thai Massage
This ancient traditional massage uses the pressure points of Chinese medicine together with an assisted stretching inspired on Indian yoga techniques. It helps increase body flexibility and produces a feeling of intense vitality. It's advisable to wear comfortable clothes for this massage.
30 minutes - 34 euro (feet and legs or back) / 60 minutes - 68 euro / 80 minutes - 108 euro
Massaggi di CoppiaCalifornian massage
THE well-being massage. Its maneuvers are simultaneously delicate and deep and use perfumed oils to apply long, circular and rhythmical movements to donate a feeling of calm and of deep relaxation.
60 minutes - 68 euro / 80 minutes - 108 euro
Personalized Holistic Massage
This custom-made treatment helps find one's psycho-physical balance thanks to the expert use of the main holistic and bio-natural massages. The masseur evaluates each case and selects the best techniques to restore body-mind balance, wisely spanning from Ayurveda to Thai, from meditation to Reiki, from Hawaiian to Californian massages.
60 minutes - 68 euro / 80 minutes - 108 euro
Reiki Massage
Japanese massage created to restore energetic balance. The masseur places his/her hands on certain areas, transmitting universal energy and providing relaxation and psycho-physical tranquillity. It is advisable to wear comfortable clothes for this treatment.
60 minutes - 68 euro
This treatment consists in applying pressure on certain points in order to restore the energy balance in our bodies. The treatment is pleasant and relaxing, consisting of pressure and stretching positions maintained for a few seconds on very precise areas, alternating with smooth joint movements. It is not required to undress in order to receive this massage.
60 minutes - 68 euro
Plantar Reflexology
Localized massage on the plant of your feet, using pressure on certain mapped points to help naturally re-harmonize the entire body. This massage can be performed on fully (and comfortably) dressed guests.
30 minutes - 34 euro / 60 minutes - 68 euro
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